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These 2 days have been hell!!! Nothing but airports for 2 straight days. No shower. No sleep. No sanity. I think every single one of my flights was delayed, had to be interrogated for an hour at security, and stuck on airplanes all day.

On the plus side I had one of the best breakfast burritos of my life, got hammered with a friend, and got a date on accident. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.



I was supposed to pull an all-nighter last night since I still had so much to prepare for my journey, but ended up falling asleep the second I sat down to rest. I woke up in the morning with 3 hours until my flight. FML!!!

I started off my day with an amazing breakfast burrito from the burrito shack. It is literally a shack in the middle of a desert lot with rusty corrugated metal windows that looks like a taste of Mexico. Go figure it’s a bunch of white guys running the show, but amazing burritos every time.

The Burrito Shack

I got to the airport 2 hours early and everything seemed fine. By the time I got to my gate, I got an email saying my flight would be delayed 1 hour. I figured “no big deal” because I had 4 hour layovers at every stop. Then I got another email saying there was a delay of another hour. At this point I was starting to worry because it was running pretty close to missing my 2 connecting flights to Amman. At that point it just got worse and I received a new email every 10 minutes saying the flight was delayed another hour. At this point my flight was delayed 7 hours and I was going to miss all my connections. Luckily the Delta associate was able to find me another flight, but it left at 8:30pm (I got to the airport at 10am).

Since I was stuck at the airport all day I decided to do a shout out on FB and my buddy NOS met up with me at Ruby Tuesday to help me polish off 6 long islands and some other assorted liquor. While getting faded and waiting for my flight, I texted a female friend and ended up having autocorrect change my text into something dirty. It worked out and now I have a dinner date! Go figure 🙂

I got all checked in at the airport and went up to find my terminal. This flight ended up being delayed a few hours as well. It seemed that most people flying out of PHX today were delayed for long periods of time. My phone was dead, so I curled up next to a charging station and fell asleep. When I woke up I went 5ft away to check the flight monitor and when I turned around TSA was swarming my luggage. They chastised me for leaving my baggage even though I was right next to it and looking at it. I guess that means they are not very confident in their abilities since they were worried it was a bomb or something after already having searched it at the security checks 3 times previous. Gotta love TSA.

Finally on the plane to Amman Jordan!!!


Well, I didn’t make it to Jordan today 🙁 My flight was late again so I had to stay a half day in London. I don’t know WTF is going on with these planes, but the rebooking line is just as long as the border line! I found out that it is often better to call customer service from the airport rather than waiting in the long lines for the desk when flights are changed. Since everyone is rushing to the desk to get the next flight out, you may have a better chance of getting on that next plane if you call and book before the others in line get the opportunity. I decided to make the best of it and threw on my dragon shirt to have a little fun.

I didn’t think I was going to have anything to write about today but boy was I wrong! I show up in Israel to transfer to Jordan and followed the signs to the transit area. Right off the plane a security person stopped me and asked a ton of questions hinting that I didn’t belong. Kind of made me wonder if he thought I was a terrorist because I’m white, much like Americans assume any brown person is a terrorist. I then went to the transfer area and was the only one in the building. After I called the airport a few times they sent someone to help me out. It was a little worrisome being alone in a building after it being hinted that I shouldn’t be there. I was then interrogated several more times before being given my boarding pass. I had to ask the lady if they get many Americans since everyone kept stopping and interrogating me, but apparently they do. I guess it was just me!

I thought TSA in the states was bad, but Israel put us to shame. I had my passport checked no less than 10 times. They tore my luggage apart and searched every single thing. They asked for all chargers and electronic cables to be put in a separate bag, so I started pulling them all out. Since my carry-on luggage was all electronics I was throwing items in there left and right. Eventually they told me to stop and i only got half of them in there. I got pulled aside and questioned for packing my shemagh too. They kept asking who I knew in the Middle East and who I got it from. Apparently eBay was not an option! After an hour of questioning they finally let me board.

See the many uses of a shemagh HERE!!!

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