Citadel of Amman Jordan

Amman, Jordan – Day 3

After several days of flying I finally made it to Amman, Jordan!!! As my adventure had finally begun I set out upon the city to check it out. My day was highlighted by being bitten in the nuts by a mangy dog, hanging out with the police, and many miscommunications with the locals. Ah… the stuff memories are made of 🙂


The first thing I did in Amman was to go see the citadel. I was taking pictures of the cityscape when out of nowhere a mangy dog ran up and bit me square in the nuts! I was really scared and pissed off so I kicked it in the face to stop its attacking and its owners came out and started yelling at me. I immediately went to the police to file a report in case it had rabies or my junk was seriously damaged. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, they thought I said the 10 year old boy (owner of the dog) beat me up and took my money. Lol! 3 translators later they got the real story and asked if I wanted them to put the dog down. I told them I didn’t want any harm to come to the dog, but it should not be tied up to a tourist attraction as this might happen to others. After the fact (and after I checked that everything was ok) I thought it was actually quite funny 🙂 I just asked them to move the dog elsewhere because if it was a little girl getting her face torn off instead of me getting bit in the nuts, it would be a different story. Unfortunately, this took up 2 hours of my time in Amman, but I got to chill with the police, take a few pics with them, and we all got a good laugh about my balls.

I was able to see most of the attractions in Amman within the day. I noticed that most men here are gay/bi. Some creepy, some not. The police were slapping each other’s butts and play tweaking nipples, and the locals greeted each other with a kiss and lots of affectionate hand grabbing. My problem came in when the 3rd person gingerly touched my hair and said I had a pretty face. I wasn’t sure if I should take this as a compliment or if they were hitting on me. Hopefully I will never find out!!! Other than that the trip has been great so far and the locals are very nice. Almost too nice, but it is probably just me being an American thinking that everyone has ulterior motives. Having been around the world and back a few times I know that many friendly people do have ulterior motives, but at the same time some of my best memories have come about because I ignored my fears and went with the flow even if it didn’t seem safe. This is one of the reasons I like to travel alone. If I had a female with me I would never do anything remotely questionable, and therefore would not have gone on some of my greatest random adventures.

As I was writing this, getting ready to go to bed, a creepy guy came and sat next to me. He invited me back to his hotel and I declined saying I was on my way to bed. He then asked if he could come to bed with me. I wasn’t sure if he was hitting on me or just wanted to chill. I told him guests were not allowed in my hotel and then he said I could come sleep with him in his room. I got the F out of there!!! Guess I have to watch who I talk to. The owner of the hostel kept calling me “my darling”, which was a little awkward as well.

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