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Cairo, Egypt – Day 7

My first day in Cairo!!! Both the day and night were filled with tons of excitement. I saw the pyramids during the day and got hassled by salesman the whole afternoon. I met a bunch of cool roommates at the hostel and we all went out for a night on the town. We ended up meeting a group of Egyptians from Canada that were there for a wedding and went club hopping. The first new friends of this glorious trip! I’m excited 🙂


DAY 7- Cairo (Daytime)

First actual day in Cairo and it has been good. Everyone has been super nice, but they are all after my money so it makes sense. After getting trapped by 5 people because I was being a nice and respectful human being I’ve gotten to the point where I just walk away and tell them to go away if they keep trying to talk to me.

I took the metro to Giza to see the Pyramids and it only cost 1Egp, which is $0.10! Once i got off the Metro I walked around for 30 minutes trying to find out how to get to the Pyramids 5 miles away and eventually hired a car that wasn’t even a taxi. There is a shuttle bus for only $0.30 but I didn’t know it at the time. On the way to the pyramids the car got a flat tire. Apparently this happens all the time here since they buy used tires. The driver popped out and changed it in 5 minutes like a champ!

Once I got to the pyramids I got the best advice ever. The tour guide said not to follow or trust anyone! Life lessons to live by 🙂

After touring Giza, I was chilling in the hostel and was able to unite a group of people. One of my roommates (Rafi) was from Spain and only spoke Spanish and we had decided to go to Alexandria the next day together. Then he tried to talk to the other roommate, but he only spoke English. I translated for them for a while and then asked if the guy from New Zealand (Cameron) wanted to come out drinking with us. When we were getting ready to leave I struck up a conversation with a guy from Chicago (David) and invited him out too. With this we finally had a group to go out on the town!

The first place we went was called GAD and is their version of fast food. They had everything!!! Pizza, Shawarma, kebab, chicken combos, etc. Unfortunately they did not have change for a 200 ($20) so we had to distribute money and food between us.

Day 7 – Cairo (Night)

After that we went to a popular local bar in Midan Falaki called Horreya. They served a local beer called Stella (not Stella Artois), but since I don’t drink beer I had nothing. An Egyptian man was sitting next to us and overheard our conversation. He asked to join us and we obliged. I was a little concerned that he would try to sell us something at first, but he spoke really good English and was well educated so we started hanging out with him. He turned out to be really cool and was here for a friend’s wedding. His name was Fadi. After a few drinks it was a party! We had some great conversations about pickup lines, racism, being politically correct, and tons of other stuff. After an hour I was super sleepy because I still hadn’t had anything to drink. I was about to head home to sleep, but Rafi made me stay and that was the best decision of the day!!!

After a little while, Fadi’s friends came to meet us at the bar and we all drove to the party area of the city. During the car ride his friends told us a lot about the history of Egypt and we got to learn the language of car horns. Everyone here is always honking their horns and apparently each different combination has a meaning. There is a honk for weddings, to say hi, I’m over here, and one for the middle finger.

First we went to pub 28 which was one of their favorite hangout spots. Unfortunately it was full and we had 6 dudes with no women so they wouldn’t let us in 🙁

Then we went to the rooftop bar which overlooked the Nile River. I had an awesome drink called IDC that was bottled, but had a base of vodka. We drank, took pictures, and we’re all around merry. After the bar closed we decided to continue the night elsewhere.

Another of Fadi’s friends had met up with us there so we now had too many people to fit in a car. We gave it a shot anyway and Rafi sat on Fadi’s lap while we listened to Egyptian gangster rap. Several gay jokes and many intentional speed bumps later, we arrived at the rooftop garden bar.

Our newfound friends had kept telling us about this local drink made solely from sugar cane and bought us all a round. It was really good and I felt very awake after having essentially consumed a straight sugar cane.

We had a few more drinks there and eventually called it a night. This is what I love about travelling. Half of the excitement is experiencing the culture, architecture, and sights I came to see. The other half is all the friends I meet and ensuing memories.

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