Little Petra

Petra, Jordan – Day 5

I took it easy today and went to see little Petra, which is a smaller city built much like the main Petra site. It was cheap, quick, and easy to run through so it only took half a day.


I learned my lesson from yesterday and am going to do today right! I’m actually going to eat before exploring the desert and am taking a taxi to Little Petra and back (15JD each way). I’m also stocking up on food and water beforehand because it is expensive as hell at the site. I stayed in the hotel blasting the AC until checkout because I want to be out there for the least amount of time possible today.

I would suggest seeing little Petra first because it is a bit of a letdown after seeing the main site. It was still a great experience though. I took the 5pm JETT bus back to Amman for $15. It was nice because it was air conditioned, but was impossible to sleep on.

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