Luxor Mummy Egypt

Luxor, Egypt – Days 13 & 14

These past 2 days have been very trying. I went to see the Valley of Kings and Queens in a dress. Dealt with more harassment and had some lucid dreams. I also had my faith in humanity restored, which made it all worth it.


Day 13 – Luxor

Today was a big day! I went and saw the west bank of Luxor which has some of the richest history of Egypt and some of the best tombs. I also got to wear a dress! I bought an Egyptian galybeya because I was going to be walking in the sun and desert all day and it was nice and drafty 🙂

I chartered a personal boat to cross from the east bank to the west for $1 each way. Then I rented a taxi all day for $16 and he took me everywhere I wanted to go.

The first place I went was Valley of the Kings. This is where many of the Pharos were buried. Many of the tombs are still in great condition with the original paint. Unfortunately no pictures are allowed, but I took a few anyway. A guard saw me and extorted me for $20 saying I could pay him or we could go to the authorities 🙁

After the 2nd attraction I was so put off by all the people relentlessly hassling me I just wanted to leave Egypt. I wouldn’t recommend Luxor to anyone just based on the amount of harassment I endured. I even had to chase off several people because they wouldn’t leave me alone.

Since it was such a hot and long day I decided to go back to the hotel and take a nap. I ended up having 2 intense lucid dreams.

When I woke up I started planning the next days’ trip to Aswan only to realize I wasn’t going to be able to make it there with the time I had. I guess I’m going to spend the night in relaxation and comfort and watch The Mummy 🙂

Day 14 – Luxor

Today my faith in the people has been restored somewhat. I still had tons of people hassle me but have found that if I don’t say a single thing to them or look at them they go away after the 7th time, which is a little better. I spoke to 2 people today that were cool and not trying to take my money.

The first guy came up and gave me a necklace made from a 1Egp coin and said he wanted me to take it home to remember Egypt, free of charge!

The second guy I met while buying water on the way back from the Luxor museum. The guy I was trying to buy water from was a complete ass, but then another guy came out and took care of business. He invited me into his air conditioned shop to chill and talk. We discussed politics, Egyptian life, and many other things. My faith in Egyptians was restored a little after that encounter.

The Luxor museum had so many artifacts that there was no place to put them and there were warehouses with full crates that never made it to the public’s eye.

After the Luxor museum I went back the hostel to Chillax and watched Game of Thrones for the rest of the night.

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