Luxor Temple Row Statues Egypt

Luxor, Egypt – Day 11

Today was my last day in Cairo and since I hadn’t done everything on my list it was a mad scramble to see the Cairo museum and Manial palace before my flight to Luxor. I made it to the museum, but Google maps got me lost in the slums for a while instead of leading to the Manial Palace. I ended up walking along the train tracks, through the ghetto, until I found a random soccer field and then went back.

After seeing everything I could I took an uncomfortable flight to Luxor. They put me next to a lady that was overweight and spilling into my chair. At the time, I smelled so bad from all the adventures of the day that I figured we were even. Her body was coming into my space and I’m sure my smell was invading hers.

I finally made it to the hotel and ate fried Pidgeon at Sofra, by recommendation of Fadi that I met in Cairo, and went to bed.

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