Plaza de Espana

Barcelona, Spain – Day 15

Finally in my favorite place in the world!!! Barcelona, where my heart is. I arrived to my favorite hostel in Barcelona (Hostel 360) and got settled in. I met an amazing chef from Minnesota and had sangria with friends.

At night everyone at the hostel got together and went on a pub crawl. I accidentally ended up club hopping and I think there was a prostitute somewhere in there!?!


I’m finally here!!! My favorite place in the world πŸ™‚ And I survived my 6 Egypt Air flights.

I woke up at 4am and got a taxi to the airport for $6. When I went to go through security the x-ray machine stopped working so we had to move to the other checkpoint. The metal detector and monitor wasn’t working on this one so they just let people through without checking them. They also didn’t say anything about my vape coils that look exactly like bullets in the machine, so I don’t think there was too much safety involved here. No wonder planes get hijacked on the regular!

Once I got to the Barcelona airport I took the Aero bus for $9 to plaza de Catalunya and walked to my hostel (hostel 360 is one of my favorite!).

After a shower and some shopping I started up my laptop and worked for a few hours.

Every night the hostel has events to get the people staying there together. This night was sangria and a pub crawl. I got my first sangria recipe by talking to the staff making it, so 1 down and 9 to go. Unfortunately, it was a similar recipe to what we have in the states, but was good nonetheless. It was cheap red wine, pears, apples, lemon juice, and orange soda. Tasty, but not very alcoholic…

After the sangria we did a pub-crawl that merged with the other hostels owned by the same company. It was way too crowded everywhere we went because we had so many people so I went in for the free shots and hung out outside with my friends to get away from the hubub.

The last place we went was a club that was extremely busy. I had several girls grab me to dance and had a blast. After leaving the club to smoke, I accidentally went to another club that had a huge line and walked right up to the front not knowing it was a different club (club Barcelona). I was wearing my dragon shirt and they let me right in for free!

I had met a group hot blondes from the states at the club that invited me to party with them at a club on the beach. We left the club we were at and headed there an hour later. Unfortunately my friend from Australia (Benny Zal) and I got there too late and started to head home as they weren’t letting anyone else in. That’s when a hot blonde came up to me and reached down my pants and grabbed my johnson!!! She said the price was $20 for a BJ and $50 for sex!

Oh the mistakes I make when I’m drunk. I met back up with Benny and we went to grab a cab home, but all of them were booked since the clubs just let out. By the time we got to bed I only had 4 hours left until my flight πŸ™ I checked my wallet and had somehow lost 32 Euros. Oh well… It was a great night πŸ™‚

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