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Barcelona, Spain – Day 23

For my last full day in Spain I figured I would run around town and see all the Gaudi buildings that I missed. I ended up at a theme park called Tibidabo on the very top of a large mountain and then flirted the night away with a cute blonde from the Netherlands.


I started the day by going to Collegi Santa Maria which is a large castle like structure built by Guadi. Unfortunately, it was closed so I had to take pictures from the outside. A bunch of nuns came out of one of the locked doors, so I’m not sure if it is always closed to the public or just on weekends.

After that I went to Torre Bellesguard which is another castle by guadi. This building was awesome and had a giant dragon on the top. From what I understood, the person that commissioned the place had lung problems and had to have the mountain air, which is why he chose that specific spot. He killed a goat, chopped it up and sent pieces to different places in the area. He built the castle on the spot where the piece that decomposed the least was.

Next I went to Tibidabo Park, which is a theme park and cathedral on the top of an extremely high mountain overlooking Barcelona. I tried to take the bus to the area, but ended up going in a circle 3 times. The first driver was cool and took me to the stop I needed to be at. The second driver was an asshat and let 10 people he knew were going to Tibidabo stay on the bus until the bottom. The 196 bus will take you to a plateau under the top of the mountain. This is where you have to get off even though it doesn’t look like it. You can tell it’s the right stop because it is where the small tram ends. Once you get to the plateau, you have to go into the large white building by the dirt road to buy a cable car ticket to the top for 7.70 Euros. Once I got to the top I found out you could get a taxi (and theoretically a bus too) instead of taking the cable car.

I headed back to the hotel to chill out for a bit and get dinner and drinks. After everyone left to party for the night a cute blonde from the Netherlands showed up. I could instantly tell she was into me and I was rather smitten by her as well. I eventually worked up the balls to talk to her and we hit it off pretty well. She made me tea and we went out to smoke with the hostel staff. We retired inside and talked about random things for an hour before she got a text from her friend that she was staying in a resort the next day and needed to be ready super early. She said she had to go to bed and I never saw her again. I should have gotten her Facebook as I’m in the Netherlands often enough. Oh well…

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