Barcelona, Spain – Day 22

Today was relatively laid back. I had some crazy dreams during the night, walked around town all day looking for sangria recipes, and went to an art museum.


I had more crazy dreams this morning. There were 2 movies that were sequels about time warping technology from aliens.

Unfortunately, I don’t really remember much, but I’ve pieced this much together. The second movie started when a group of young adults found a pack of cigarettes on the ground with only 4 cigarettes. They divvied them up between them and one person got 2.

When the first person smoked his cigarette he was transported back in time to a scene previously where they were all in a park and some futuristic/cyber punk people were rollerblading around a roundabout with a tree in the middle while taking their dogs for a stroll. After they got back to their normal time they noticed certain letters sticking out on items like cereal boxes and the letters on the fridge. Only one person noticed it at first and realized they made words if you put them together. He told the others and they all were amazed and started putting the words together. They said “Give us back our technology”. They didn’t realize what it meant at first, but later found out that the aliens thought they stole their time warping technology (manifested as the cigarettes) and wanted it back. Apparently a previous time jumper had lost his pack somewhere along the way!

The second person was really stressed and went outside to smoke his cigarettes as none of them knew that was the trigger. Since he smoked 2 in a row, they all went back in time to the same scene at the park, but now there was 2 of everything. Now there was a futuristic person walking a dog while on rollerblades, being followed by another one exactly like him. When they got back to normal time they found extra lighters next to the last cigarette and eventually more words appeared that gave more of the story.

After the last cigarette was lit it gets even fuzzier, but I remember with the last person watching TV of a person in the future or past where he was making them hit themselves in a different time period. Trippy ass dreams!!! I could probably write a book on this if I remembered more!

After I officially woke up around noon I went to Plaza de Espana to see some stuff. I was starving when I got there, so I decided to walk around the business area of Barcelona and try to find the place that I had the amazing Sangria last year so I could get the recipe. I walked around for an hour and was so hungry I went to another Tapas place and got a sangria recipe there. It was pretty damn good, but definitely different. After the meal I was walking home and found the place I was originally looking for 2 doors down. I got the recipe I came here for, and holy F it has 7 types of liquor in it!!! After drinking that one I was completely wasted and went to the Catalunyan Art Museum. Most of it was art of Jesus Christ, so I thought it was a bit lame, but the top floor was modern and had Guadi installations so I was quite happy. I went back to the hostel, made dinner for everyone and worked for the rest of the night.

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