Ibiza Spain 2014 Opening party for Club Amnesia

Ibiza, Spain – Day 16

I almost missed my flight to Ibiza and had issues with the hotel staff when I arrived, but luckily my day got much better. I went to the opening parties for Ushuaia and Amnesia, met new friends, got to party in VIP and ended the night with an afterparty in a friend’s penthouse overlooking ocean!!!


I set my alarm super early so I could get to the airport on time. Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up and one of my friends had to wake me up and tell me I was late. I grabbed a taxi for $35 and rushed to the airport. I made my flight just in time and went to Ibiza. I learned my lesson from the last time I was here and took the bus straight to town for $3.50 instead of the $40 cab ride and walked less than a mile to my hotel.

When I got to the hotel (Hotel Molins Park) their Wi-Fi wasn’t working and they were unable to run my card. The lady asked me to grab cash and wasn’t going to let me have my room. I told her I wasn’t going to take any cash out. She then asked to hold on to my card until she was able to run it and I told her that wasn’t going to work either because I left all my clothes in Barcelona and needed my card to buy new clothes for the clubs. She eventually called the bank and got the machine working so i was finally able to get into my room. The room was nice, but it had no AC and there was urine on the toilet seat even though it had a band across it saying it was clean and disinfected. The room was nice, but the lady at the front desk and the service in general sucked so much I definitely won’t be back.

After sorting my stuff and taking a quick nap I was off to the opening party for Club Ushuaia. The party was crazy and I met a lot of cool people. They closed the doors at 2am and I left to meet up with my friend Eugene from Burning Man. The line for the taxis was way too long, so I walked around looking for one. I met a chap from Belgium on the way and we decided to go to the opening party at Amnesia together. He was very friendly and we met a girl from Argentina in the taxi line and all went together.

The opening party for Amnesia was amazing! Definitely the best out of the 4 I went to. The atmosphere and vibes were great. After partying till 6am I finally found Eugene in the VIP area and he was able to get me in. At first the doorman didn’t want to let me in on the basis of my dragon shirt, but I told him I had a sport jacket in my backpack and quickly changed. Eugene spoke to him again and I got to meet all his friends in VIP.

After a little bit we all took his private driver back to his flat on the beach and raged all night. We had the breakfast of champions and were going to continue partying, but Eugene went to go shower and ended up passing out for the rest of the night instead. I got super wasted with Eugene’s girlfriend after her friend left and we had some philosophical discussions until bedtime. I got some amazing sleep that night! Thanks for the hospitality bro 🙂

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